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Resources for the families 

This is your informational page. It's a great time to look for resources that could benefit you and your family.

First Impressions is the central location for all early childhood resources. Families with young children are connected to the resources they need to ensure all children are valued, healthy, and thriving by strengthening and streamlining all early childhood services.

Kids in Preschool

The Newborn Network is a parent support system that serves all families with children aged birth to 36 months (3 years) in Steamboat and Routt County. Because babies don't come with "instructions for proper care and handling," we're here to help you give your baby a healthy start.

Early intervention helps families and very young children (0–8 years) with behavioral or emotional problems. The Early Childhood Coordinator works one-on-one with selected children and their families while also spending a lot of time in preschools and childcare facilities speaking with staff and parents. 

Liz Kregar, MSW
Daycare Center

Bringing Colorado Early Childhood Programs individualized, relationship-based, consultation, coaching, training and support; opportunities for every teacher and program to bloom to their maximum potential.

Lennae Jenkins, MA, ECSE
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